Passport Dinners

Food & Wine Pairing

Fun and Interactive

The Woodrose Passport Meal is a six-course, buffet-style food and wine pairing. A Passport dinner is a fun and interactive way to enjoy a food and wine pairing.  It gives guests an opportunity to move around and to mingle with the rest of their group.

Every Saturday, 12:30-2:00, we offer a Passport to Italy Lunch.  Walk-ins are welcome, but groups of 4 or more should make a reservation.

Mike Guilette is not only the owner, he’s our chef too! Mike is just as passionate about his cuisine as he is about our wines!

Six Courses

Six Wine Tastings

Much like one of our standard wine tasting flights, a Passport offers tastes of six of our wines.  With each wine, the guests also receive a good portion of food that corresponds to the passport theme.

Our room is set up with six stations that allow guests to eat each course in any order they please.  At the station, guests receive a stamp in their passport, a taste of wine, and a serving of food.  They then return to their seats to relax and eat at their own pace.

At the end of the six-course meal, guests have had plenty of food, a full glass worth of wine, and a passport to take home as a souvenir.

Special Events

Themed Dinner Options

Passports are also the primary menu option for private events, which can be any evening and during the day any day but Saturday.  For these events, coordinators can select one of the existing passports or customize one for a slight increase in price.

We have multiple passport options, each with a different theme.  A Passport style meal can easily be scaled to accommodate groups of any size.

Some of our more popular passport dinners are Italian, French, Spanish, Greek, and German. These menus can be changed upon request.


Our tasting room is open:
Friday through Monday
12 Noon to 5 pm


Our tasting room is open:
Friday through Monday
12 Noon to 5 pm

 (830) 644-2539


662 Woodrose Lane, Stonewall, TX 78671