Must Visit Winery!

This was our first trip of MANY MORE visits to the Woodrose Winery! The property is beautiful, the wine is amazing and the staff along with the owner Mike and the two golden retrievers Cork and Brie made us feel at home as soon as we walked in the door! My husband and I decided to do the wine and food pairing and the food was great.Mike visited with us and said he enjoyed cooking and the lasagna and the tiramisu he made was the best we have ever had! They pair their wines with different food stations and it is $25 per person and the food is unlimited and trust me you will go back for seconds! We even purchased the cookbook so that we could get the recipes but of course I know mine will not measure up to Mike’s even with the recipe! The wines were very good and paired so well with each food station. They give you a little passport that describes the food and the wine and they stamp your passport as you visit each station to do your wine tasting. They have dry and sweet wines available. We drink dry wines and we enjoyed all of the ones that we tried and purchased two bottles to take home with us.They have two golden retrievers that are absolutely precious! They are so friendly to everyone visiting the winery and so well behaved. Today while we were there a huge tour bus pulled in and even with all of the visitors there at one time the staff made everyone feel important and continued to help every visitors with a smile on their face and a welcoming attitude. This is a great winery to visit! My husband and I cannot wait to go back to Woodrose Winery.