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iisCART2000 SHIP OBJECT - PROPERTIES (requires iisCARTship add-on)

Real-time shipping calculation processing
iisCARTship performs realtime shipping calculations from any combination of UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL.

It also supports a number of advanced features including rate backup, dimensional weight, shipping and packaging options, adjustments, return sorting etc.
Example usage in checkoutship.asp
Checkoutship.asp has the same functionality as checkout.asp plus the addition of iisCARTship integration.  To use checkoutship.asp you can rename it to checkout.asp replacing the default checkout.asp.
Methods and Properties (accessed through the ship object.  e.g. cart.ship.x)
  • CountryList - Returns combo box of countries with values set to their valid country code.  If optional country code is set this country will be selected by default.  If omitted, United States is selected by default.
    obj.CountryList("NameOfCombobox", "OptionalCountryCode")
  • LimitServices - Limits the collection return of ShipCalc to the specified service types.  Can be any combination of the 3 processors.
    obj.limitservices = "1DM, PARCEL POST, FEDEX PRIORITY OVERNIGHT"
  • ShipCalc - Runs real-time calculation.  Returns collection of valid shipping types from any combination of selected processors
    obj.shipcalc("UPS, USPS, FEDEX")
  • Adjust - Adjusts rates +/- a fixed rate or percentage.
    obj.adjust = "+2%"
    obj.adjust = "-0.76"
  • FDXPack - Type of packaging for FedEx Calclulations.
    obj.FDXPack = "Your Packaging"
    Other options:
    "FedEx Letter", "FedEx Pak", "FedEx Box", "FedEx Tube"
  • FDXPick - Pickup / dropoff type for FedEx Calculations
    obj.FDXPick = "Will drop-off at FedEx location"
    Other Options: 
    "Will give to scheduled courier at my location"
    "Will request a courier pickup"
  • FDXground - Sets Fedex to calculate FedEx ground rather than Express.  Defaults to false.
    FDXground = true
  • OrigPostal - Origin postal code, must be in US, required for all processors.
    Set by iisCART2000
  • DestPostal - Destination postal code
    Set by iisCART2000
  • DestCountry - Must be valid country code.
    Set by iisCART2000
  • Dimensions - Used for processors that support dimensional weight calculation (UPS, FedEx, DHL).  Set in inches.  NOT REQUIRED.  3 properties:
    obj.length = 8
    obj.width =6
    obj.height = 12
  • Error - Global error code
  • Quantity - The total number of items in the order.  Used for ratebackup calculation.
    Set by iisCART2000
  • Ratebackup - An algorithm based backup that takes effect if the realtime return times out or is invalid. Format : shipcompany:(q/$/ or nothing = weight)  LowerRage - UpperRage=BaseCharge+AddCharge, ...,... ; ..... ;"Before range number, $ is for dollar value, w is for weight range and if it's nothing, it's quatity. For example: obj.RateBackup= "UPS:1-100=4+0.8,101-200=3+0.5,201-500=20,1.2;
  • Sort - Sorts the collection return by name or rate within each processor or globally across the collection. Options include "price/name,true/false"
    obj.sort "price,false"
  • Total - The total amount of the order in dollars.  Used for ratebackup calculation.
    Set by iisCART2000
  • UPSresidential - defaults to true.  Set to false if destination is commercial.
    obj.UPSresidential = false
  • UPSPack - Type of packaging for UPS Calculations.
    obj.FDXPack = "Shipper Supplied Packaging"
    Other options:
    Shipper Supplied Packaging,UPS Letter Envelope,UPS Tube, UPS Express Box ,International UPS 25 KG Box. International UPS 10 KG Box
  • UPSPick - Pickup / drop-off type for UPS Calculations
    obj.FDXPick = "Customer counter"
    Other Options: Customer counter , Letter Center , On Call Air, One Time Pickup, Regular Daily Pickup
  • USPSlogin - Sets the login for USPS, to get a login visit shippingapis.com and register for free.
    obj.uspslogin = "username,password"
  • Weight - the weight of the package
    Set by iisCART2000


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