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The actual cart level adjustment amount. Set manually or by calculate from adjustrate.

The cart level adjust rate code.  Adjustment rate.  can be set as a dollar amount or percentage based on dollar or quantity ranges.  Adjustment is a discount if negative or surcharge if positive.

Cart.adjustRate = "$1-100=-10%;$101-200=-20%;$201-=-30%;"   
Cart.adjustRate = "1-10=-10%;$11-20=-20%;20-=-30%;"  
Cart.adjustRate = "1-10=10;11-20=20;20-=30;"
Read-only. Exposes the authorization code from the payment processor for the transaction.  This is only available after the sale with the use of iisCARTcc.
CartInfo is used when a store is setup maintaining state by passing hidden fields, querystring, or database only with no sessions / cookies.  Addtocart will ignore this field and not try and add it as a property.  In addition, cart generated code in displaycart (update button, +, -, x) will pass this information during the post / get so it is not lost. In addition, fields posted to addtocart starting with ignore will be ignored and not treated as properties. (data passed as ignoreid)

Cart.CartInfo = "45"

Can also be set to full cart contents string.
Color As String
Used to display the cart table’s cells. 

Cart.Color = "#FF4000"
ConnectString As String
Specifies the key name which activates the DSN, "iisCART2000" in demo version.  Assigned based on company name when purchased.

Cart.ConnectString = "iisCART2000"
CountryTax As String
Returns the calculated tax values of the cart. This property is optional for countries that have local and country tax systems.  e.g. Canada

CountryTaxRate As Float
Specify the tax rate and country tax rate used to calculate sales tax values.

Cart.CountryTaxRate = "7%"
Allows cart level currency symbol change and decimal place control.  

Cart.CurrencyFormat "$,2"
Read-only. Set by the loadcustomerdb method.

The total tax that is not part of country or state tax.  i.e. if you override any tax at the items level or specify tax at the items level this will accumulate.

Read-only. Exposes total in display cart grid in case you want at this number before acceptshippinginfo calculates cart.total

Read-only. Returns the total quantity in the cart.  Can be used for x items in cart page or to show a custom images of the cart.  e.g. 

if cart.gridtotalquantity = 0 then 
  response.write "emptycart.gif" 
  response.write "fullcart.gif" 
end if
HeaderColor As String
Used to display the cart table’s headers.

Cart.HeaderColor = "#2793D3"
HeaderText(Array of strings)
Used to set the cart generated header text.  Ideal for language conversions.

Cart.HeaderText = Array("a1", "a2", "a3", "a4", "a5", "a6", "a7", "a8", "a9")
Items As Object
Returns the Items collection of Item objects representing the individual items in the cart.

For Each Item in Cart.Items
 ...do what you want with item.x
LastCCError, LastCCErrorMsg
Read-only. VerifyCreditCard sets these properties if the return code is 2. Return numeric and verbal errors generated by CC Module.
NameLink(url) as string
When this property is used the name field in displaycart is set to a hyperlink with the value of url & itemid.  This can be used to link back to your own custom store page.  For example:  Note itemid is appended to this string.

Cart.NameLink = "http://www.domain.com/iteminfo.asp?itemid="
OrderID As Long
Returns the database-generated unique order ID after the SaveOrderDB or SaveOrderItemsDB method is called. Can also be set if saveorderdb methods are not used.

Enables a security feature which prevents malicious users from adding items / altering prices by posting from a remote form or manipulating the query string.  Set to a comma delimited list of hosts to accept posts/gets from.

Cart.Server = "yourdomain.com" or
Cart.Server = "yourdomain.com, www.yourdomain.com"
Returns the calculated shipping/handling value for the cart. May be overridden by a custom S&H calculating script.

Total amount of shipping tax as calculated by shipping * shippingtaxrate

Rate of that shipping is taxed.  e.g. 

Cart.ShippingTaxRate "10%
Name of shipping type.  e.g. FedEx
Returns the calculated tax values of the cart.
StateTaxRate = "7%"
Returns the calculated cart total including shipping and taxes.  Can be directly manipulated using ASP for special pricing, discounts, member pricing etc.  See cart.calculate for information on how this is set.

Returns the calculated tax values of the cart. Tax is calculated based on the item amount * the tax as definded by country and state tax rates.  If the checkboxes are set 1 or both are used to calculate tax.  This can be overridden at the items level so each item could have a specific tax or no tax at all.  if it is not specified then the default from state and country tax will be used.  The total is store in this property after cart.calculate is called.

Read-only. Exposes total weight in cart, primarily used for shipping integration e.g. iisCARTship.  Valid after cart.calcuate is called.



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