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iisCart.store.1 error '800a0008'  Operation must use an updateable query OR
operation requested by the application is not allowed if the object is closed.
  • This is a permissions issue which relates to the backend database.  Ensure that IUSR_MACHINENAME has change permissions on the database.
  • Also make sure that your DSN is pointing to the correct database.  Some clients have been sure that the permissions are correct however it turned out that they had more than one database and the database iisCART was attempting to modify did not have sufficient permissions.
ActiveX Can not create object.
  • This is a permissions issue on the DLL.  Ensure that the anonymous user (IUSR_MACHINENAME) has change permissions on iisCART2000.dll
iisCart2000.store.1 error
Uknown Error.
  • You may encounter this on methods that access the database.  This is a result of running an older version of Microsoft's Data Access Components.  You can download un update for free from Microsoft at http://www.microsoft.com/data
iisCart2000.store.1 (0x80020009) Can Not Create Key OR unable to open file for reading.  Occurs when running register.asp
  • The application setting is incorrect unless you wish to run in a package.  On the web server in the MMC: Right click, properties, home directory, select low application protection.
iisCart2000.store.1 error '800a0014'
Invalid Key.
  • You need to add your key using the register method.
iisCart2000.store.1 error '800a0012'
DSN string not found under the specified key.
  • You may have added your key however your global.asa is referencing a non existent connection string.

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