iisCART2000™ Documentation


New / Changed:

iisCART2000 Version 2.2:
  • Encrypt and decrypt methods now work with plain text rather than binary data.  This allows you to store and manipulate encrypted data much more easily
  • Key property exposed to easily set key value 
  • samples do not rely on a global.asa and do not require an application set on the directory
  • register method enhanced to automatically register purchase key without requiring path
  • new iisCARTship features integrated
  • update column images centered
  • enhanced automatic install for exe bundle
iisCART2000 has the following new features:
  • Stateless component provides significant improvements to scalability
  • More than 3 times the methods and properties provide unparalleled functionality
  • Higher performance ATL framework results in faster, more efficient code
  • In place property editing with 4 different display options
  • Item level quantity and property adjustments with a variety of update button placements and quick access quantity adjustments (add 1, remove 1, remove all) with custom images
  • Per property price adjustments (XL size is $2 more, Blue $1 less etc.)
  • Item level adjustments (discount/surcharge by fixed amount or percentage) based on quantity or price ranges
  • Cart level adjustments (discount/surcharge by fixed amount or percentage) based on quantity or price ranges
  • Multiple tax options including per item tax over-rides or tax exempt items
  • Option to tax shipping at a custom rate and have items be charged no shipping
  • Ability to add multiple items at one time with one form
  • More properties, custom fields, plus shipping and billing level custom fields
  • Credit card expiration and number validation
  • Enhanced field validation with default overrides and user defined error messages
  • Cart generated text easily set for language conversions or user preferences
  • Browser based file uploading (add items plus their images using a web browser without the need for FTP or FrontPage)
  • Encryption and decryption support - save data securely, send orders securely via email
  • SSL order processing allows for use of shared SLL certificates, breaking the order process over multiple servers and more.
  • Client application allows for decryption of encrypted binaries sent via email
  • SMTP email sends including attachment, cc, bcc and HTML support
  • Improved backend flexibility via ADO with support for DSN's, OLEDB, DSNless connections, and more into Access, Oracle and SQL server.
  • Customer tracking and persistence (can load customer details back with UID / PWD)
  • Persist cart contents as long as you wish - push to cookie, database, session variable, etc.  You have total flexibility - Session variables / cookies can be used but are NOT required
  • Many new database methods to handle saving and loading cart and customer data
  • Complete access to cart data through ASP script using iisCART2000's collections and objects
  • No longer requires save to db before completion (saveorder method removed) for SSL out of session state.
  • StateTaxRate and CountryTaxRate set at strings "10%" for consistency
  • Total tax is now exposed through totaltax
  • AcceptShippingInfo and AcceptBillingInfo now only populate the info collection
  • Shipping calculations put into CalculateShipping Method
  • Cart command handling (change quantity / update) now put into HandleCommands to allow counts / data before displaycart
  • Cart calculation handling now in Calculate to allow user control on when values are calculated


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