iisCART2000™ Documentation



Info object is returned by the Info property of the Cart object. This object simply encapsulates the data values obtained from the buyer.  Can be set / read with cart.info.x

Name As String
Address1 As String
Address2 As String
Company As String
City As Sting
StateProvince As String
ZipPostal As String
Country As String
Phone As String
Email As String
Comments As String
Custom1 to Custom8
BillingSameAsShipping As Boolean
Password As String
ShipName As String
ShipAddress1 As String
ShipAddress2 As String
ShipCompany As String
ShipCity As Sting
ShipStateProvince As String
ShipZipPostal As String
ShipCountry As String
ShipEmail As String
ShipComment As String
IsStateResident As Boolean
IsCountryResident As Boolean
CCTYpe As String
CCNumber As String
CCName As Stirng
CCMonth As Integer
CCYear As Integer
PaymentType As String
Store Value:  Cart.Info.Name = "Pete"
Display Value: response.write Cart.Info.Name
The methods acceptshippinginfo and acceptbillinginfo populate many items in the info collection.


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