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iisCART2000 EX OBJECT - PROPERTIES (requires iisCARTex add-on)

Currency Exchange and Currency Select Display
iisCARTexchange will allow your store visitors to view prices in their own currency.  The actual bill amount and totals will not be modified.

iisCARTex supports over 170 currencies and precious metals.
Example usage in Setcurrency.asp
This simple example sets the carts currency value.  Once this is complete, displaycart will display values in the selected currency relative to the base currency.  This is for display purposes only and the actual values and billing would occur in the native currency for your store.  Once you have set the currency you can view displaycart.asp in the same session and see the converted values.

Set Cart = Server.CreateObject("iiscart2000.store")
tocurrency = request.form("tocurrency")
if tocurrency <> "" then
cart.ex.currency = tocurrency
end if
<form method='post' action='Currency.asp'>
Response.write cart.ex.List("tocurrency",tocurrency) & "<BR>"
<input type='submit' value='Set currency'>
Session("Cart") = Cart.SaveCart 
Set Cart = Nothing
Methods and Properties (accessed through the ex object.  e.g. cart.ex.x)
  • Convert - Converts the amount provided to the currency specified or uses the base currency if not specified. result = cur.convert(amount, currency, optional decimal places, optional base currency override)
    Cur.convert(100, "cad",2,"usd")
    Cur.convert(100, "cad")
  • CurrencyToCode - Converts a currency name to the currency code.
    cur.CurrencyToCode("Andorran Franc")
  • CodeToCurrency - Converts a currency code to the currency name.
  • List - Returns an HTML combo box with all currency types and the base currency selected.  Optional parameters include the combobox name and default selected value currency code.
  • Rate - Returns the rate for a given currency code relative to the base currency.
  • Update - Updates the local database with current rates from the web. This operation can take 10 - 60 seconds and typically would be run once a day.  This method returns 1 on success and populates the error property if it fails.
  • Adjust - Adjusts the return of convert +/- a percentage or fixed amount
    cur.adjust = "%2" or cur.adjust = "2" or cur.adjust = "%-2"
  • Base - Sets the base currency.  This determines which currency is selected by default in the list method and also which currency values are fetched by the update method and stored in the database.  For example if USD was specified all other currencies would display rates relative to USD.
    cur.base = "USD"
  • Currency - The code you wish to display results in.
  • Error - Error messages are set in the error property.
  • LastUpdate - Returns the last date and time the update method was run.  This can be used to automate running update every 1 day, 12 hours etc.
  • Timeout - in seconds that the component will wait for the return when running the update method
    cur.timeout = 45


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