iisCART2000™ Documentation


iisCART2000 Dataflow explanation:

  • iisCART2000 provides massive flexibility to webmasters and developers.  You have complete control over the dataflow and more importantly, data storage.

    To read a detailed dataflow for the sample store click here.

    You are free to use the database system suited to the store.  For small stores you do not even need to use any database.  Example dataflow's follow...
Example Data Flows:
  • 1 database for order / items storage.  Use saveorderdb method in billing.asp.
  • Your own front-end database generates item additions via HTML, use saveorderitemsdb in billing.asp
  • No database, use saveorderencrypt with optional filename.  Send encrypted binary via email and decrypt with bundled client application (iisCARTdecrypt.exe) 
Example State Maintenance:
  • iisCART2000 is a stateless component.  While is can be used as before by placing the object in session scope this is not the recommended use.
  • You can now use savecart and save only the carts data in a session variable
  • Even session variables are not required.  You can push the cart data to a cookie instead.
  • You could also push the data to the query string and use no cookies, and no sessions
  • You can use the savecartdb and saveitemsdb methods to persist clients carts for any period of time by pushing only the carts id to a cookie on their system
Example Customer Handling:
  • If you wish you can require that customers log in before ordering at your store and that they register prior to ordering.
  • The savecustomerdb method pushes the accepted information to the customer table
  • The loadcustomerdb method takes input as email and password and populates the info collection based on the customer details.
  • When loadcustomerdb is run without error it populates the customerID.  When this has a value the saveorderdb and saveorderitemsdb methods do not duplicate the customer details by saving again.  So you have total control on how you want to handle your user in the store.


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