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iisCART2000 CC OBJECT - PROPERTIES (requires iisCARTcc add-on)

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Real-time processing
iisCARTcc currently supports the following processors:

Best of all, you can easily switch processors without major changes to your scripts.

Example usage in Billing.asp
Cart.cc.processor = "cybercash"
Cart.cc.MerchantKey ="gmRJp8rbzzcRdI5g8eLRScFeeQSWew5FsBzq6bxJDSJIiWhq7f"
Cart.cc.merchantid = "test-mck"
Cart.cc.logging = "/logs"
res = Cart.cc.charge
if (res = 2) then%>
<h1>The following message was returned from credit card validation module:
<%response.write Cart.cc.LastCCErrorMsg 
end if
if (res = 3) then%> </hr>
<h1>The following message was returned from Cybercash: <br>
<%response.write Cart.cc.LastCCErrorMsg
end if 
if (res = 1) then
Session("Cart") = Cart.SaveCart
Set Cart = Nothing
response.redirect "thankyou.asp"
End if 
End If
End If
Methods and Properties (accessed through the cc object.  e.g. cart.cc.x)
  • Orderid, amount, credit card detail information etc. set by iisCART2000
  • Timeout - The amount of time, in seconds, the component will wait for a response from the processor.  If a return is not acquired within this period the transaction will not be completed and obj.LastCCErrorMsg will be populated. The default timeout is 45 seconds.
    cart.cc.TimeOut = 90
  • TransType - The transaction type.  Valid options include "Capture" and "Authorize" and depend on what you can setup with your processor.  Defaults to capture. cart.cc.TransType = "authorize"
  • Merchant ID: Identifies account at processor.
    cart.cc.merchantid = "test-mck"
  • Logging and Errors:  Logging is mainly used for debug purposes and logs detailed transaction information to the directory provided.  Files are named with the current date and each transaction is stamped with a time.
    cart.cc.logging = "/logs"
    response.write cart.cc.LastCCErrorMsg
    response.write cart.cc.LastCCErrorCode
  • Processor: The processor you are using.  iisCARTcc currently supports cybercash, authorizenet, realtime, skipjack and itransact.
    cart.cc.processor = "cybercash"


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